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Born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, Alex Morel is known for his musical style and flavor on the dance floor. He admits to always identifying with music of all genres. “Music can make you go through a range of so many different emotions – sadness, excitement, melancholy, love…it’s beautiful.” With time, Alex grew more of an appreciation for Latin music. A relative from Dominican Republic introduced him to dancing for fun. He experimented with body movements and steps that would allow him to express his interpretation of the music he then grew to love.


In 2005, Alex began lessons with renowned instructor, choreographer, and director of Caribbean Soul Dance Co. Ismael Otero – also known as the “Million Moves Man”. Alex worked very hard to learn as much as he could while perfecting his basic steps. With time Alex’s dancing evolved - he would take moves he learned in class and hone them to match his own style. With the help of both instructors Shani Talmor and Ismael Otero, Alex was able to grow both musically and technically.


Today, Alex is also known for his unique and creative touch of Traditional-style Bachata. Once he began creating his own set of moves and footwork, others began to notice how much fun and exciting it could be to dance Bachata. Alex would bring the music to life by playing with virtually every beat of the music and showcasing stylish moves matched with flavor and technique.


Alex has now taken his Bachata to another level and shares his repertoire of “Killer Moves” with dancers from around the globe. His very first DVD Bachata Fundamentals and Killer Moves was released in the summer of 2010 and has gained positive reviews from both dancers and instructors across the board. He's taught and performed throughout the United States and internationally including Canada, China, Germany, Israel, Portugal, Spain, France and Dominican Republic to name a few. Alex hopes to help and inspire other Bachata dancers through his classes, workshops and his crowd-pleasing social dancing. He also aims to continue bringing Bachata to new heights with his unique flair, smooth-elegant style and abundant flavor. 


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